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At Yate Academy we understand the impact of carefully planned Homework as essential to maximising pupils learning opportunities and raising student achievement.  Homework is essential as it encourages students to develop the confidence and self-discipline to work on their own, an essential skill for adult life. We are also keen to encourage students to take part in a range of out of school activities.  To ensure deadlines are met, we therefore encourage students to manage their time effectively to fit in homework with these activities.

The Purpose of Homework at Yate Academy is;

  • To pre-learn to ensure classroom success and participation
  • To consolidate, reinforce and extend understanding and skills that have taken place in school
  • To apply learning in new contexts and to new problems
  • To provide opportunities for research and creativity
  • To enable students to devote time to particular subject demands such as portfolio work
  • To support revision and preparation for assessments and examinations
  • To support the home/school relationship


The Setting and Amount of Homework

The Academy does not have a fixed homework timetable as Homework needs to be relevant to the learning needs of the class. Therefore where possible teachers will not set homework to be completed the next day.  To enable students to meet deadlines students will need to manage their time effectively so that they complete some homework each evening.

  • Years 7-9 30-45 minutes
  • Year 10-11 60 minutes

In years 10 and 11 some flexibility should be allowed to cater for larger pieces of work, such as coursework preparation in art and music, which may be undertaken over a period of several weeks.

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In the case of practical subjects, e.g. Design Technology, Physical Education homework will be set when appropriate to projects and may require students to complete this work during period 6 under the supervision of the teacher   Where a subject only receives limited contact time, homework’s should be set proportionately.

As an important part of students learning teachers should aim to set homework at an appropriate time in the lesson, so that students have time to record the homework, understand the purpose of the work and fully understand the task it should not be rushed at the end of a lesson.  To ensure full engagement from students, homework tasks should be wide ranging; structured and meet the needs of the students.

Homework should be

Clear – The task, expected outcomes, completion date and resources available

Accessible – Resources should be accessible for students and teachers should differentiate homework tasks to allow students of varying abilities sufficient support/challenge

Acknowledged – Homework takes effort.  It should receive acknowledgement marking from the teacher

Recording Homework

To enable students to track homework tasks they should be clearly recorded in student’s books, using HWK.  The date should be added with a clear homework heading.    Student’s should also record the homework task and due date in their planners or on a mobile device.

Marking Assessment and Feedback

Not all homework needs to be formally marked by the teacher, it must however be monitored.  As well as teacher marking it may be completed through self and peer marking.

Feedback should be given in writing or verbally and should include suggestions for improvement. Following the homework students should record the relevant marks given &/or teacher comments; areas to improve and student self-assessment clearly on students individual department homework tracking sheets located in the students  assessment folders/books.

Attitude to Homework and Rewards

Students will be rewarded for completion of homework through the attitude to learning scores given out in every lesson.  If a student has not completed a homework task for that lesson then they cannot be rewarded with a One score.  Exceptional homework’s can be rewarded with an ‘Inspire 5’ award.


Students who fail to complete homework to the expected level or do not meet deadlines will be expected to complete a study support session to complete the work.  Teachers will need to ensure that they students have the relevant work and provide specialist help where required.  This would normally be by setting the student up with the work at the start of the study support session.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

The quality of homework, setting and assessment will be monitored via the QA process; Book Look to monitor student responses to homework and assessment, Student voice and learning walks.


What should a homework look Like in my subject?


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